Professional License Check

The Professional License Check process -health or practice- is critical when hiring a candidate for a position requiring accredited institutions’ licenses. This is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and reputation of your organization.


Undervaluing the importance of professional license checks and ignoring them would inevitably make your organization vulnerable to threats and harm your reputation, apart from financial risks.


‘Health License Checks‘ are of the utmost importance in professional license checks since the employer hires a person responsible for patient lives. In addition, the employer ought to hire the best candidate to avoid wasting time and money. Hiring sanctioned medical personnel may also affect the hospital’s ability to provide services. Nevertheless, employers shall know that all medical and non-medical personnel could pose risks to the organization.


Considering that license checks can be required by law or regulations, neglecting your license checks and verification through professional license verification companies could get your organization in trouble with accredited government organizations.


In either case, it is essential to verify the professional licenses to become aware of negative information provided by the issuing authority and eliminate possible risks that could cause irreversible harm.

In that respect, Prosecure™ provides professional license checks, including health license checks and screenings, to help maintain patient safety standards, identify risky candidates, and provide professional and detailed-oriented reports, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve made the best hiring decisions.


Our Professional License Check services provide the following:

  • Complete and accurate license verification
  • Speed the time to hire
  • Solid compliance and simplified monitoring


As with all services, our Professional License Check service requires the applicant’s written authorization before starting the verification.


Please consult with our Verification Team to discuss more benefits, our operational capabilities, and our credentials.


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