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Pre-employment Background Verification

Pre-employment Background Verification Services “Who is who?” | Prosecure™

Prosecure’s pre-employment Background Verification and Screening Services provide security, allowing companies to confidently navigate the risks associated with job candidates. This is especially crucial for roles that demand high security or trust and when engaging with vendors and other third parties.


Unfortunately, in today’s global business environment, not all applicants are honest about their qualifications, and their educational and professional backgrounds may be misrepresented.  Employers must also ensure that their work environment is safe for all employees and helps prevent other employment problems in the workplace. The statistics indicate that fraud and other conflicts of interest activities in the workplace cost businesses billions of dollars annually.


Prosecure’s Pre-employment Background Verification and Screening Services support our clients in expanding their existing background checks program to their vendors, staffing firms, consultants, independent contractors, and other third parties. We can help you introduce the program to your vendors, consultants, staffing firms, and others.


We use extensive interview examinations to confirm every new hire’s truthfulness of the CV, any submitted certificates and documents, and whether or not they have a drug addiction or criminal background. In our pre-employment background screening and verification process, we require getting the applicant’s “Letter of Authorization” in advance.


Prosecure offers a comprehensive approach to background screening, ensuring that companies are thoroughly protected. We verify all submitted documents, including CVs, resumes, criminal records, diplomas, certificates, and reference letters. Our process involves consultation with issuing authorities as appropriate, as well as technology-based data aggregation and analysis through open-source information.


Pre-employment Background Verification also refers to verifying the backgrounds of potential employees. It is commonly used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims and to discover any possible criminal history or involvement, workers’ compensation claims, compliance, fraud, or other employer sanctions.


Every corporate company should first develop a corporate policy regarding background verification processes. The verification policy must have top-level support and the involvement of appropriate legal counsel. It should apply equally to candidates regardless of whether they reside locally or in another state or country. It should identify which jobs or positions are subject to background checks and what information/documents must be verified.


Prosecure Pre-employment Background Verification and Screening Service helps our clients through the following steps:

  • Reduce workplace risks
  • Standardize corporate employment screening program
  • Ensure compliance with specific industry regulations

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