Hasan Alsancak – How Reliable Executive Protection Services in Turkey?

Hasan Alsancak – Executive Protection Services in Turkey: How reliable it is compared to the western protection services? 


Executive Protection Services is relatively at the beginning phase of it and still only a part-time job for many people involved in this business in the Turkish protection landscape. Most of the people engaged in executive protection are not from police or military background, but night club bodyguards and only have physical deterrence, rather than having a comprehensive training, real combat experience, no criminal history, and work ethics.

Besides, some of them even don’t have a valid protection license and have even criminal records.  It is hard to believe that how/why still many foreign and local VIPs or CIPs rely on these unproved or untested people’s protection capabilities. If any incident occurs during a protection duty, there will be a significant number of legal questions. Therefore, there is a long way to reach its western competitors’ standards regarding license to operate, ethics, background, professionalism, continues training, commitment, physical fitness, and accepting it as a lifestyle.


Even, in some rare cases, VIPs and CIPs are physically assaulted by their so-called protective bodyguards. Therefore, it is NOT recommended to hire any bodyguard before asking their criminal record, protection license, any reference checks. Most importantly, never employ a bodyguard directly without the supervision of a liable security and protection company. 


The spectrum of Executive Protection Services includes but not limited to:

  • Advance Planning and Reporting
  • Executive Protection Personnel 
  • Security Driver 
  • Advance Team
  • Reconnaissance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking  
  • Hotel Security Risk Assessment
  • Office Security
  • Residential Security
  • Journey Management
  • Medical Emergency Support


Hasan Alsancak, Executive Director

Prosecure™ Executive Protection Services

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